It’s going to be interesting

It’s 3 am and I have to be up at 8. I’m awake and excited, as always, because I started writing a new book today… or maybe it was yesterday, I’m not sure. When you keep weird hours the days blend together.


So, new book, right. It’s called Blood Nymph, and I already have a gorg cover for it and I know exactly when it takes place in Jane’s life and pretty much what happens. The only rub is that I’m going away to visit my sister and niece 3 states away tomorrow, which is why I have to be on the road at 9.

So, I’m gonna do an experiment. I’m gonna see how much I can write while not in my comfy office.. and I’ll start it off by writing in the car. Yup, while my husband drives us to North Carolina, I’ll be banging away the first draft of Blood Nymph. Or, at least, I’ll be trying to. I’ve no idea if I can write in a moving car.