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Sexy, fun Urban Fantasy – strong but flawed female leads, gorgeous guys who sometimes get in the way and Vampire, Weres, and Witches, Oh MY!


 Sex Magic

There are three stages of enthrallment – and you don’t wanna mess around with any of them. 
When Zora Joutsen – half Gyspy and full-time novelist – comes into a new aspect of her power, strange things start happening. She’s attracting nons – people without magic – and that’s the last thing she wants. All Zora wants is to finish writing her novel and figure out how to quell the new power within her.

But it’s not so easy because the book she’s writing could change the entire power balance in The Circle, ending enthrallment completely, and people in very high places would do very bad things to keep that from happening.

“… a strong distant front runner for a new author – or a seasoned one.”

“… sassy and original… I could not put it down.”

“… excellent writing style, fast an engaging pace.

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Jane the Nymph

Initially released as three separate novellas this boxed set has the complete story but the blurb is just for the first story – because spoilers.


Meet Jane. She’s not your average storybook nymph.

When she’s caught breaking nearly every unspoke rule in The Circle – namely feeding off people in the street – Amari, the town’s de facto leader gives her one chance to prove she can live by their rules

Jane doesn’t care much for rules. She’s only interested in the wild magic in the center of the city – breaking the ancient seal over the long-trapped magic might be the key to her freedom. But can she behave long enough to accomplish her goal?


And can she figure out how to open the seal to the largest magical convergence on the eastern seaboard before she gets kicked out of town?

And that’s just the FIRST book in this three novella collection.




 The Garrison

What do a gypsy, fae, and a witch with a side a demon have in common?


Except the punishment The Garrison is about to levy on them for- get this – setting thirteen blood nymphs free and killing the vamp who enslaved them.

Jane’s still dealing with the injuries Droshin inflicted. Zora’s still grieving her dead beloved, and Xan, well, she’s got shit going on NO ONE could have guessed at. And now they’re forced to set aside not only their differences, their personal lives too, and conquer the task The Garrison is forcing on them.

We get to see The Morrigan (creepy fucker) again, and FINALLY figure out what the hell is up with Jake and his pack.

It’s going to be interesting

It’s 3 am and I have to be up at 8. I’m awake and excited, as always, because I started writing a new book today… or maybe it was yesterday, I’m not sure. When you keep weird hours the days blend together.   So, new book, right. It’s called Blood Nymph, and I already have …

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Kim Harrison

That time I met Kim Harrison

Facebook reminded with a picture (you KNOW I got a picture of me with the Queen of UF herself!) and now I’m gonna tell you about it. In case you don’t know who Kim Harrison is – because you’ve been living on Mars or something – let me start by saying she is probably my …

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